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What we do in the boogeyman beater club

What we do, in the ever changing boogeystore!

This is what we do:

We provide total custimized children´s books for a cheap and affordable price! We create a custom cover, a custom title we write a custom story a tailored appreciation and preface you can choose which boogeyman or woman writes the story in English of Nederlands!

So in short:


We at the boogeyman's club are all dedicated to giving every single last one of you the dreams of your life!

saying that we mean that your dreams really are life-changing, our dedicated staff of boogeyman and woman are all highly appreciated in our club, so treat them with the respect that you receive from any of us too!

We give children the possibility to be themselves, but we also give a certain type of peaceful feeling while fearfully and honestly wrongfully thinking of the boogeyman! Cause not all boogeymen are scary or bad creatures, we were just made bad throughout our long long lives!

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84% of the children has beaten the boogeyman are you strong enough too?


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Only your dreams can beat your nightmares!

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Black Hands Holding Blank Sheet of Paper

Every book starts with an empty piece of paper and this is how the books of the boogeyman beater club starts too

While we do all the work all you gotta do is enjoy yourself while we write every piece of paper until a book is formed one paper at a time!

We put high attention into each and every book, and we put it together with the most amount of detail possible at that point!

While we aren´t all authors but just ordinary people who try to make this place a better one we hope you enjoy our books just as much while you read them as we did while we wrote them!

Your´s sincerely the entire boogeyman beater club!

Meet Our Boogeyman beaters

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#1 Nathan!

Gefeliciteerd Nathan! Jij bent de allereerste boeman verslaander en we zijn trots op je, jij bent een echte superheld! Ook jouw nachtmerries zijn maar gewoon dromen en jouw dromen zijn je grootste fantasie, dus eigenlijk zijn nachtmerries niks meer dan een fantasie!

De boeman klopper club feliciteert alle kinderen die hun nachtmerries in fantasie hebben veranderd!

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#2 Elizabeth!

Congratulations Lizzie you are the second one to beat the Boogeymen and the only one who has done it the way youve done it...

You just told him to Back Off!!

we as the Boogeyman beater club collective congratulate you and we are all very very proud of you!

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#3 Madeline!

We congratulate Madeline with beating her own boogeywoman who she seen every day by looking in the mirror! The reflection of the boogeywoman instead of seeing her own has been hard on her for the longest time but she fought against a untouchable enemy with nothing but balls!

We congratulate you Madeline, and we are proud of you!

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The Boogeyman's club

Hereby has:

''The great unknown''

Solid Square

Conquered all us boogeyman by being fearless and being a true warrior, in batteling us hands first and questions later no words but deeds we as a boogeyman beater club collective congratulate her and we all are very proud of this achievement.....

For she not only beat all us boogeypeople but she has made us scared of her in the process this is a victory to be remembered!!!

Solid Square

B.J Starink

The supreme Boogeyman

Award Ribbon
Solid Square

Walk with a book

Boogeywoman in education

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#4 the great unknown

Hereby has the great unknown beaten all of us boogeyman by simply not being afraid of us and whiile we don´t see this every day this strenght determination and power of the great unknown we all salute the great unknown for giving us a battle of a lifetime for we as a boogeyman beater club collective were sivering for her might!

And for her strenght to bring us to our knees that´s what we are here for and the great unknown has done that without any remorse what so ever!

We as a boogeyman beater club collective congratulate her the great unknown for beating all of us for simply not being afraid and we are very proud of her and this achievent!

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#5 De grote Riks

Voor het verslaan van de opper boeman zelve! Jij bent de ware boeman klopper en de ultieme strijder tegen het abnormale! En al zijn jouw nachtmerries nog zo eng jij hebt de kracht om alles wat op je pad komt tegen te gaan door je kracht en je ultieme sterke vechtlust!

Want het is niet elke dag dat de opper boeman wordt verslagen in zijn eigen spel en ik hoop dit ook nooit meer mee te maken Boemeid Mystiek en ik feliciteren je voor het doen wat nog nooit iemand gedaan heeft het verslaan en bang maken van de opper boeman zelve!

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Welcome to the future of children books

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Yours sincerely the entire boogeyman beater club!